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Booking Deadline


Grocery Delivery

48 Hour Notice

(Delivery Available Thursday, Friday, and Saturday ONLY)


Excursion Bookings

Two Weeks Ahead


Stockd Concierge Services wants to provide you with a 100% stress free vacation! Let us handle all the logistics and itinerary details of your trip! Our services are designed and priced to provide you with the most value possible in order to ensure you have the best trip possible! A trip alone is so rare for so many of us. Let us free up your time and make the most of this one for you!
Grocery and Bait Deliveries:
Our price for the delivery of groceries or bait is $34.99. This will have your desired products waiting on you stocked inside your home or rental's cabinets and refrigerators, delivered to the door in custom, reusable, insulated and non-insulted totes, or placed on your boat at a marina.
Grocery and bait delivery orders should be placed 48 hours ahead of the delivery time. Orders that cannot be accommodated will be refunded.
With Stockd, you never have to time your arrival with deliveries as you would using other delivery services. We know when you'll arrive and will make sure your items are delivered as soon to that time as possible! With us, one-time delivery is made easy and no strings are attached! We of course want to ensure you do use us again however and will provide the the highest level of service available in hopes of achieving that goal!
Excursion and Rental Gear Bookings:
For activities and gear rentals, extra care is taken to scrutinize our vendors and ensure the highest quality offerings are being provided. We have combed the area and have a database we use to keep tabs of all service providers. If they fail to hold up to our standards, they're out of there, and we can promise you our standards are high! Don't fret about the conditions you may face when requesting an activity. We know you'll be taken care of!
Remember to book those activities as early as possible to increase you chance of getting the best experience available right when you want it! We recommend requesting excursions at least two weeks in advance. A confirmation email will be sent with additional details following your activity booking confirmation.
Thank you for choosing Stockd Concierge Services!
Stay, Play, Vacay All Day!!!